PCN starts modernization and expansion of Scout’s Place on Saba

The sign was unveiled by among others commissioner Bruce Zagers and Malinda Hassel from the Saba Tourist Bureau. Photo: Saba Government. 

THE BOTTOM- With the unveiling of the project sign, depicting Scout’s Place in its renewed form, owner Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (‘PCN’) has officially started the renovation of this unique establishment.

Following the acquisition by PCN in 2020, significant effort has been put into a complete renovation and expansion plan with the goal to revitalize Scout’s Place. The renovation will take approximately 1,5 – 2 years and will be executed under guidance of Michael Bacon of Alite B.V. Following an extensive tender process, PCN awarded the construction contract to QBR Joint Venture B.V., a collaboration between a Saban and a Canadian contractor.

From the early stages of developing the new plans for Scout’s Place, the Island Government has been enthusiastic. Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers, “The plans to modernize and expand this iconic property are impressive. Scout’s Place has always been important to Saba, not only for tourism but also as part of our cultural heritage. The development of this property will certainly provide a major boost to our island’s economy as well as our tourism product. It is very encouraging to see projects like this developed, prioritizing local employment, charm and traditional architecture.”

PCN is committed to build a bright and new future for Scout’s Place, matching the contemporary expectations of guests. 

Harald Linkels, Chairman of the board of PCN, shares his enthusiasm: “Next to an intended positive return for the fund, it is important to PCN to realize an economic and social contribution to the community of Saba. The selection of a local contractor adds additional strength to our intentions.”

Purpose and plan

Once completed, the ‘new’ Scout’s Place will consist of 30 hotel rooms, 8 units that can be used as family rooms or long-stay rooms, a beautiful restaurant plus bar and two commercial units. During the construction phase PCN will actively seek operators or entrepreneurs who aspire a role in this new establishment.

Artist impression of the renovated and expanded Scout’s Place. Photo: PMCN

Investment portfolio mix

PCN is committed to investing locally on the BES Islands, in addition to its investments on international financial markets. Part of the total assets are reserved for this purpose.

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