PCR Requirement may soon be dropped for travel between ABC Islands

Kralendijk- Authorities on the three ABC-islands are working to soon abolish the obligation for a PCR test for flights between the islands. This will however only apply to fully vaccinated travelers.

Aruba seems to be taking the lead. Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes today announced that a PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers is no longer needed. There was some online discussion if this applies to all travelers, or only to local (Aruba) residents.

Governor Edison Rijna, in a press conference on Wednesday evening had the same news. While there is no concrete date for a change in the current requirements, Rijna said to hope this would be realized in under 2 weeks time.

The PCR test requirement has been an enormous burden for travelers between the three ABC-islands. Not only are the costs sometimes higher than the ticket cost itself, but the logistics of having to be tested twice in a matter of sometimes one or two days were oftentimes hard to realize.

Logically, the PCR test requirement has had an detrimental impact on local carriers such as EZ Air and Divi Divi Air, as many travelers think twice before making such an enormous investment in time, money and effort for a short trip .

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