Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland presents newsletter about Sustainable Investment Policy

In Bonaire for instance, PCN has invested in -among others-large solar panel installations. Photo: PCN

Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) has dedicated its special edition newsletter to what it describes as ‘Socially Responsible Investing’. 

In the newsletter, the Pension Fund explains how it invests responsibly, with a focus on sustainability and social contributions. PCN adjusted its policy in this regard following a survey among its participants, who indicated the importance of socially responsible investing. When evaluating investments, the fund considers the so-called ESG criteria, which stand for Environment, Social standards and quality of Governance. 

PCN says they aim to achieve the best possible financial returns while minimizing investments in companies with poor sustainability scores. 


Also, when it comes to investments made on Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba, potential investments are evaluated based on sustainability criteria.

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