People over 80 will be up for a booster shot from November 27

People over 80 will be up for a booster shot from November 27

KRALENDIJK – Citizens of 80 years and older can receive the booster jab from Saturday 27 November 2021. This shot gives people an extra boost and protection against the virus. In people aged 80 years and older, the protection offered by the vaccine wears off fastest over time. That is why they are the first to get the booster shot. People over eighty can call 0800 0900 from Monday 22 November to make an appointment.

The Public Health Department itself contacts care homes to make appointments for the elderly who can receive a booster shot. People who have had the injection at home in the past are also called by the department to make an appointment for the booster shot.
From December 4, 2021, residents in the age group 70-80 years can receive the booster shot. The group of 60-70 year olds will be next from December 18, 2021. Healthcare employees will also have the opportunity to get the booster shot in December. The details are yet to be announced.


There are conditions to receive the booster shot. A person can get this shot if he received the second corona shot more than six months ago. Someone who got corona after the second shot must wait at least six months from the moment of infection.

From Monday 22 November 2021, all people over 60 can call 0800 0900 to make an appointment for the booster shot. It is not possible to get this shot on Saturdays at Kompleho Deportivo Jorge Nicolaas without an appointment. Would you like to know more about the booster shot? Then call 0800 0900 during office hours.
Citizens who have not yet received the first or second corona jab can still do so without an appointment on Saturdays from 09:00 – 14:00 at Kompleho Deportivo Jorge Nicolaas.

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