PFP is strongly opposed to Brison’s plan for Tourist Health Levy

PFP is strongly opposed to Brison’s plan for Tourist Health Levy
Peterson and Gumbs are very critical of the Tourism Levy, drafted by MP Brison. Photo: PFP

PHILIPSBURG – After reviewing advice rendered on the proposed Tourist Health Levy drafted by Member of Parliament (MP) Rolando Brison, Party for Progress (PFP) MPs Melissa Gumbs and Raeyhon Peterson have joined the Council of Advice in strongly opposing the continuation of the legislative procedure for the realization of the initiative national ordinance. 

The faction issued the statement after reports in The Daily Herald that Brison had been “invited” by the Parliament of Curacao to discuss the law.

The Health Levy seeks to charge a USD 30 premium on arriving tourists, with half of that amount being made available for SZV to use in any manner it sees fit. In the 12-page-long advice – which was issued on January 25, 2022 – the Council urged MP Brison not to take the draft law any further in the legislative process. 


PFP points out that the Council of Advice found the draft law to be ‘completely inadequate’ in many important ways, specifically questioning whether the country had a legal basis to stand as a commercial insurance company, or if SZV could even provide insurance coverage for such low premiums. At various times, the Council characterized the draft law’s assumptions and provisions as “misleading” and “unsubstantiated”. It also noted that it gave unfair competition to private companies. 

No logic

“At this point in the legislative process of a national ordinance for Sint Maarten, I do not see the logic behind presenting it to the Parliament of another country within the Kingdom. It’s blatantly obvious that this is all for personal promotion, because in reality it makes no sense, as the Parliament of St. Maarten has not even discussed the law. Does the MP believe that, if presented, this law will be passed? If so, that shows complete disregard for the actual legislative process, as well as for all other members of Parliament, especially those who actually consider the advices rendered from our High Councils of State,” says Raeython Peterson on behalf of PFP. “I would urge all my colleagues to consider these developments carefully, because if we take our Council of Advice seriously, this law should not see the light of day on the floor of Parliament.”

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