PG: ‘Advice self-testing at schools remains valid’ 

PG: 'Advice self-testing at schools remains valid' 

KRALENDIJK – The advice from the Public Health Department (PG) to have pupils and students of secondary and high schools take self-tests twice a week remains in effect, even though the Island Governor has loosened all coronation measures as of March 4. This is what Loes Jaspers says in response to a question from 

Even if a pupil or student has no symptoms at all, the advice is to do a preventive self-test twice a week. The advantage of the preventive testing policy at schools, says Jaspers, is that an infection can be detected at an early stage and an outbreak (at schools) can be prevented. 


Jaspers: “The self-test is certainly useful. It is part of the responsibility that we all have to protect the vulnerable. We know that the virus can still spread and that it often starts with younger people and often spreads to older people. So it’s important to keep that finger on the pulse, though.”

For now, the advisory does not apply to elementary schools. 

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