PG encourages self-testing among school-age children

KRALENDIJK – The Public Health Department (PG) is encouraging pupils and students to take corona self-tests twice a week. Doing so would help detect new infections at an early stage. PG provides these tests for free.

Students are advised to take the test at home on Mondays and Thursdays before going to school. This advice also applies to students who have been vaccinated, have no complaints or if they have had corona before. Result negative? Then the student can just go to school. If the test is positive, the PG advises you to stay at home and to have an ‘official’ test done by the PG. 

Not obligatory

It is emphasized that the use of self-testing is voluntary and not participating in it will not lead to exclusion from education. The self-test is in addition to corona measures, such as washing hands, keeping your distance and properly airing indoor areas.

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