Pick-up Animal Ambulance for Echo

On Monday 25th of September, Echo received a DierenLot Pick up Animal Ambulance at Redpalm Village from Leo Dijkgraaf, the Bonarian Ambassador of DierenLot.

Echo’s goal is to ensure a stable and growing population of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot. Therefore, they need a good vehicle to drive in the bush of Bonaire for monitoring the parrots, securing the safety of the parrots and planting several native trees so that the environment for the parrots is better. Echo also maintains aviaries at Conservation Centre Dos Pos for injured and confiscated birds.

Stichting DierenLot is a Dutch animal welfare organisation for animals in need in the Netherlands and the overseas Dutch territories like Bonaire. Also, Kunuku Kakelvers, Dierenbescherming Bonaire, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire have an Animal Ambulance for their good work for animals in need on Bonaire

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