PIVA-platform evolves into Kingdom Platform Caribbean Civil Affairs

KRALENDIJK – The PIVA-platform, a 25-year-old initiative promoting quality in civil affairs across the Dutch Caribbean, has commemorated its anniversary with a transformative announcement. Starting January 1, 2024, the platform will embrace a fresh beginning under the name “Kingdom Platform for Caribbean Civil Affairs (KCB)”. 

Evolving from its 1999 inception to ensure population administration quality through interisland and Netherlands collaboration, the KCB’s future focus is enhancing quality through cooperation. Notably, in 2024, the civil affairs departments of the six Caribbean islands will gain full membership in the Dutch Association for Civil Affairs (NVVB), marking a significant milestone for the Kingdom’s civil affairs landscape. 

Knowledge sharing

The recent platform meeting emphasized the need for knowledge sharing and collaboration to address shared challenges in civil affairs, bridging differences among the islands. The KCB aims to foster increased synergy and knowledge exchange, strengthening the civil affairs sector for the betterment of citizens across the Kingdom.

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