Planning and progress on the construction of the sewerage network in Belnem

Planning and progress on the construction of the sewerage network in Belnem

KRALENDIJK – Currently, 74 of the 228 house connections have been completed in Belnem. The plan is to have all home connections ready in the second quarter of 2022.

Excavations in Kaya Gemini, Kaya Sagitario, Kaya Tauro, Kaya Uranus and Kaya Mercurio have been completed. The excavation work in Kaya Neptunes is almost complete.

Approximately 3.7 kilometers of excavation work has been carried out and in total, approximately 2900 meters of pipeline have been laid and 74 house connections have been made. In addition, the new vacuum station 5 on the Kaya Saturn is for 85% completed and equipped with 8 new vacuum pumps and associated installations. The overall project in Belnem is for about 75 % completed.

Belnem’s unpaved roads became impassable due to excavation work and heavy rainfall in recent weeks. Truckland the contractor in charge of the excavation work scraped the roads on behalf of WEB as project supervisor and supplemented diabase where necessary. This has been done in several streets in Belnem to make the roads more passable during the holidays.

The excavation work will be halted during the holidays, however a small team will remain available for minor maintenance work on the roads. Some work will also be taking place at the vacuum station.


During the holidays, most work for the construction of the sewerage system will be temporarily halted (December 24th, 12:00 pm to January 2nd ). From January 3, the work will start again, in regards to the construction of a trench in the remainder of the Kaya Saturnus (between Pos di Wanapa and Resort Bonaire) and on the EEG Boulevard (between Ocean Oasis and Pos di Wanapa).

WEB, as a project supervisor, would like to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation and wishes everyone happy holidays.

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