Playa Fòrn’i Kalki Accessible and Free to all Visitors

Kralendijk – The Public Entity Bonaire emphasizes that Playa Fòrn’i Kalki (Bachelor Beach) is and remains free of charge for all visitors. On Friday, July 1, the commissioners James Kroon and Hennyson Thielman announced the development of Playa Fòrn’i Kalki in a virtual manner on the Facebook page of the Public Entity Bonaire.

As usual, it remains possible to take your own food and drink to the beach. The beach is public and so there will be no restrictions on bringing your own consumption. The new design also makes it possible to buy something to eat or drink or rent beach equipment if people want to.

The design takes into account all ages and groups. Among other things, there will be a playground where children can have fun and a better and safer staircase to the beach. Kiosks where local entrepreneurs can sell their products and/or rent out water sports equipment. In other words, a multifunctional beach where visitors can buy something to eat and drink and use picnic tables and a building with shower and toilets and where you can change after a long day at the beach.

“It is important for the economic development of our island to create opportunities for our local people to get ahead. That is why, with the design of Playa Fòrn’i Kalki, we want to exclusively give our local entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer their services or products. Our vision is to create a unique experience and show what we as Bonaireans have to offer our visitors. It should be clear that in order to do this you must be an entrepreneur established on Bonaire and registered with the Chamber of Commerce,” said the commissioner of economic development and tourism Hennyson Thielman.

To rent kiosks or to stand in certain places on the beach, there will be a tender where local entrepreneurs can submit their ideas for the beach. The date for this will be announced later through the channels of the Public Entity Bonaire.

The strategic partners involved in the development of Playa Fòrn’i Kalki are the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), Telbo and local architect Gino Obersi. The TCB remains responsible for the management of the beach. In this way we can guarantee that it will remain a public beach and funds will be constantly available for the maintenance of the beach. The other strategic partner for the development of the beach is Telbo. Together with Telbo, a free high speed internet connection is provided so that visitors to the beach can stay connected.

Another strategic partner is the architect. A Bonairean architect who understands our style and needs designed the beach. As was already customary, the option to bring your own food and drink remains. There will be no restrictions on this. The beach is and will remain a public place.

The new design makes the beach more accessible, better organized and more beautiful. One of the most important aspects of all this is the maintenance of the beach. The Public Entity Bonaire is very aware that the natural and unique aspects must be preserved and therefore guarantees that they will remain intact. The beach is and will remain free to the public and will be given a facelift for the benefit of our residents and our visitors.

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