Plenchi di Trabou invests in local professionals for the tourism sector

KRALENDIJK – Job seekers will have the opportunity to participate in basic training courses for the tourism sector. After successfully completing one of these trainings, the participants will receive a certificate and will be directly placed with an employer. The trainings are organised by Plenchi di Trabou in cooperation with Moving Forward, Fundashon Forma and various local hospitality companies.

The objective of the training courses is to prepare more local professionals to work in the tourism sector on Bonaire. There is a high demand for personnel within the tourism industry and it looks like this demand will remain the coming years. 

Several training courses are offered. The first two training courses will start on the 20th of June: housekeeping and security. In August, the bartender/service training is planned and in September the tour guide training. The training programmes are tailor-made. Participants are trained and coached in 4 to 8 weeks. During this period, they will receive theoretical and practical lessons and gain experience, which gives them the necessary skills to start working in the sector.

No financial contribution is required to participate in these training courses. Participants must enjoy working in the sector and be motivated to serve the customer. In consultation with their employers, people who already work in tourism can also participate in one of these  trainings in order to be upskilled. 

For questions or registration, please contact Plenchi di Trabou via, (+599) 7158346 or by visiting the office at Kaya L.D. Gerharts 12.

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