PLP and Koos Sneek with questions regarding Covid-19 and Medical Referrals

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Both Councilman Reuben Merkman (PLP) and Koos Sneek (List Sneek) have fired off a number of questions regarding the latest developments regarding Covid-19 on St. Eustatius. While Merkman sent in his questions in writing, Koos Sneek asked for an urgent Island Council meeting, primarily to discuss medical referrals to St. Maarten in light of recent infections which took place during such referrals.

“I request this urgent meeting considering the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 infections, in particular where it concerns the infections of Statia (and Saba) patients that have occurred at SMMC in St. Maarten, in some instances even resulting in the death of at least two of these patients”, according to Sneek.


Reuben Merman directed his questions mostly towards the situation regarding journalist Dick Drayer who turned out Covid-positive during a working visit to St. Eustatius. Merkman specifically wants to know what penalties can be if someone visiting the island does not adhere to the entry policies.

Also, Merkman wants to know of the Government the posting of sensitive information and the perceived sensationalism Drayer’s infection on  the internet has fostered or stigmatized the Covid-19 Vaccination Program on Statia?

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