PLP Faction walks the “Pink Walk”

ORANJESTAD- In support of the ongoing fight for a cure for the various cancers that exist, the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) Faction took part in the “Pink Walk” organised by the Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation. 

“As October relates to the Awareness of Breast Cancer, we have admired the many faces and pink commemorations during the entire month. We commend the GR Cancer Awareness Foundation for their tremendous efforts in bringing awareness and keeping the community involved. We admire the “Statian” community as well for showing unity in times of these difficult discussions/situations”, according to PLP. 

According to the party, cancer is not an easy topic, but it is a necessary discussion. “The yearly efforts to bring forth awareness help us to understand and work together to one day achieve a cure. We stand together with those fighting the fight, we honour those we have lost, and we hope and pray with all survivors, fighters, and every citizen that a cure is soon found”. 

Early detection

The party also encourages Statians to consider the status of their health, and points to the fact that early detection can help save lives. “Make an appointment with your doctor/practitioner to get your scans”.

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