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PM Mark Rutte Pays Flash Visit to Bonaire

Rutte and Knops were present at the official opening of the Qredits office in Bonaire. Photo: ABC online media

Kralendijk – Prime Minister Mark Rutte this afternoon arrived at Flamingo Airport with the new Boeing 737 airplane owned by Dutch Government. Rutte was accompanied by State Secretary Knops. The flash visit to Bonaire lasted four hours.

The Prime Minister executes a relatively short, but rather intensive program during his trip to Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba. The prime minister today first visited the house of the Lieutenant Governor Reina, where he spoke to members of the Island Council and the Executive Council. He also spoke with participants of the Top Trainee program.

After that, Rutte attended the opening of the new Qredits building. Qredits helps starting and existing entrepreneurs with a personal loan of up to $ 50,000 and provides coaching and advice.Director Elwin Groeneveld of Qredits says he is proud of the entrepreneurs of Bonaire. According to the director, Qredits is an example of good cooperation between the Netherlands and the islands. “We are making an impact here. With 4 offices in this region we have now provided 450 credits”, according to Groeneveld.

Seizing opportunities

Prime Minister Rutte wishes Bonaire a stable future with stable governance. According to the PM, the island needs a strong middle class that seizes opportunities and creates jobs. “The government will not regulate that. That requires entrepreneurs. Bonaire has a culture of trying and continuing and that is important. If I now see how things are here compared to 2013. Much has already happened”, said Rutte on the occasion of the opening of Qredits.

After cutting the ribbon and a guided tour in the new office, there was the presentation of the 150th microcredit to Judea Thode. Thode showed herself happy and enthusiastic to further professionalize her company Partycraft.

This is Rutte’s second visit to the islands in a year. In May 2018 he already paid a vist St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius. Last week, Bonaire was already visited by State Secretary Raymond Knops, who was accompanied by Minister of Social Affairs, Tamara van Ark.

Rutte will be on Curaçao Monday, where he will attend the ‘Bon Bini for Business conference’, which knows participation from various company from all over the Kingdom.

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