Police and justice

Police Academy Netherlands trains Dutch Caribbean Officers in investigative work

The officers attentively listen to the instructor. Photo: KPCN

KRALENDIJK- Employees of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), Curaçao Police Force (KPC), and Aruba Police Force (KPA) are attending the Core Task Detection/EVC training on Bonaire from April 8, 2024, to April 26, 2024. The group consists of 20 participants.

The opening of the training was conducted by the chief of KPCN, Alwyn Braaf, along with training coordinators Rouel Pinedo and Lionel Vrutaal.

Investigative inquiries

Upon completion of the training, police officers will be able to prepare and conduct investigative inquiries independently or as part of a team. The training is conducted by two instructors from the police academy in the Netherlands.

The training covers tactical and legal knowledge, interrogation, and documentation.

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