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Police Bonaire finally in action against motorcycle nuisance in center of Kralendijk

Police Bonaire finally in action against motorcycle nuisance in centre of Kralendijk

KRALENDIJK – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) has finally taken action against the oftentimes deafening noise caused by motorcyclists with mostly modified engines. Apart from the noise, there is the reckless driving by many of the involved, endangering traffic mainly on the Kaya L.D. Gerhard and Kaya Governeur Debrot. 

KPCN came into action on both Saturday and Sunday evening. On Saturday, motorcyclists were ordered to leave the Kaya Kòrsou. On Sunday, police closed the street and checked motorcyclists for their papers. This led to the seizure of 1 motorcycle and 1 scooter.


In recent weeks, an increasing number of motorcycles can be seen in the Kaya Kòrsou, just in the bend opposite the MCB office. The challenge here seems to be to cause as much nuisance as possible through dangerous driving, and to produce as much noise as possible.

The noise is especially bothersome for restaurants in the centre of town, especially along the waterfront.

KPCN’s action did not go down too well with motorcyclists involved. Motorcyclists keep complaining that there is no suitable location where they can practice motorsport. However, it is doubtful whether, given their behaviour, those involved are really interested in sport.

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