Police (Finally) Acts Against Illegal Parking Downtown Kralendijk

The Police were seen towing away various illegally parked cars, which led to outrage by some.

Kralendijk- The Police Department finally took measures against illegally parked vehicles in downtown Kralendijk.

For the longest while there had been calls on Police to act when it comes to illegal parking in the downtown area which is, without exaggeration, rampant.

Social media this morning were abuzz with people who were in agreement and those who were against the drastic measures. “There is just no available parking space”, wrote one annoyed drive. “What are we supposed to do?”.

Others pointed to the fact that the Government had recently warned against stricter measures against illegal parking.

Authorities informed the press this morning that 10 vehicle owners had received a fine, while a total of 4 cars were towed away.

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