Police and justice

Police Force Bonaire warn against drunk driving

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force points out to traffic participants the importance of not consume too much alcohol, when participatin in traffic.

“This way you avoid unpleasant situations for yourself but also for others. It is prohibited to participate in traffic if you have consumed more than the permitted amount of licor. Whether you have to go to the police station and receive a fine depends on the result of the breathalyser,” said the spokesman for the KPCN.

The police uses a breathalyser to check whether drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Drivers are obliged to cooperate with the breathalyser. This test indicates whether drivers have drunk more than the legal limit.


KPCN points out once again that driving under the influence can lead to a fine, a (temporary) disqualification from driving, a prison sentence or a combination of these penalties. “The penalty depends on the seriousness of the situation,” said KPCN. The police also warn that in an accident drivers are tested for alcohol consumption more quickly than during a normal traffic stop.

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