Police officer killed in traffic accident was speeding and did not have motorcycle licence

KRALENDIJK- The police officer who died in an accident in the night of February 8 to 9, was driving on the night in question far too hard on the motorcycle on which he was sitting.

That is what research, conducted by the public prosecutor’s office, shows. What is even worse is that the agent, who was at the end of his training, also did not have a valid driver’s licence for the vehicle he was on.

“From the police investigation, it has been established that the driver of the motorcycle was travelling at a speed of more than 100 km per hour just before his fall. A maximum speed of 40 km per hour is allowed on site. In view of this degree of exceeding the maximum permitted speed, at that place and at that time, the Public Prosecution Service is of the opinion that there is no significant blame for the accident on the part of the driver of the car.

Given the results of the investigation, the driver of the car will not be prosecuted.

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