Police on Bonaire take away 14 vehicles during control on illegal street races

KRALENDIJK – On Sunday, September 3, around 6:45 pm, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) conducted an operation on Kaya Ir. Randolph Statius van Eps (the road to Sorobon) in response to the significant disruption caused by illegal street racing and reckless driving on this road. 

During the operation, the road was closed on both sides, and drivers were checked for the necessary documents. In total, the police took away 14 vehicles, including five cars, five scooters, and four mopeds. 

Owners can only retrieve their vehicles when they can provide the required documents. Additionally, two scooters and one moped were seized, meaning the owner can only recover their vehicle after it has been thoroughly examined, and they can provide the necessary documents. 

The towing costs will be charged to the drivers. KPCN urges individuals not to participate in illegal street races or reckless driving on public roads. The Police will continue to carry out such operations to ensure the safety of all road users”, according to a press release from KPCN.

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