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Police warns against excessive alcohol consumption in traffic

Police warns against excessive alcohol consumption in traffic

KRALENDIJK – Enjoy, but don’t overdrink. That is what the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (Korps Politie Caribisch Nederland – KPCN) states in a press release, just before the weekend starts. 

Driving under the influence can result in a fine, a (temporary) denial of driving privileges, a prison sentence, or a combination of these penalties. KPCN wants to draw the attention of the population to the need to consume alcohol in moderation when participating in traffic. 

According to the police, this prevents unpleasant situations for the drinker, but also for others. It is forbidden for anyone to participate in traffic if they have drunk more than the permitted amount of alcohol. The police use a breathalyzer to check whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol. 

Not voluntary 

Participating in such a test is not voluntary. The result of this test determines whether someone must accompany the driver to the police station for further investigation. If someone refuses, the police will draw up an official report. 

It is not only motorists who can get into trouble for driving under the influence of alcohol; pedestrians should also take the warning to heart. The police can also issue an official report for public drunkenness. 

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