Politicians Bonaire put full weight behind continued existence of BonLab

KRALENDIJK- On Bonaire, broad political support has arisen for the continued existence of BonLab. Although it has been decided several times in the past to integrate the laboratory into the Fundashon Mariadal, the parties believe that circumstances have changed.

In particular, the ongoing problems with, among others, the pharmacies on the island, raises the question whether it is wise to have all the eggs in one basket when it comes to Care.

If the fact that BonLab did not have the necessary accreditations was the first reason to withhold a long-term care contract from BonLab, now it would be about efficiency. ZJCN seems to be completely unwilling to reconsider its previous position.

 “The presidium has agreed to the proposal of the committees (Society & Care and Policy & Support, ed.) to delegate the group leader or a deputy to work in the Netherlands with the State Secretary of VWS, Mr. van Ooijen, who manages the Public Health Care portfolio,” the parties write about their trip to the Netherlands.

Although the delegation now has an appointment with State Secretary Van Huffelen (BZK), an appointment with Van Ooijen has not yet been confirmed.

Growth and continuity

The parties in the Island Council point to the fact that the population of Bonaire is growing rapidly and that a second laboratory is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. They also point out the importance of continuity, whereby one laboratory can continue to operate if the other has to be closed temporarily for one reason or another. A situation that, in accordance with the information from the Island Council and the BC, has developed recently.

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