Poll Shows: Most respondents satisfied with Executive Council Bonaire

Although there are some critical notes, the biggest group of respondents so far is positive about Bonaire’s Executive Council

Kralendijk- The biggest group of respondents in a political opinion poll conducted by Bonaire.nu/BES-Reporter together with consultancy firm Linkels & Partners said they were satisfied with the current Executive Council, formed by commissioners Tjin Asjoe (MPB), Nina den Heyer (MPB), James Kroon (UPB) and Island Governor Edisona Rijna.

In total (completed) 43% of the respondents indicate that they were satisfied. 29% of the respondents say they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and 28% describe themselves as dissatisfied with the Executive Council.


The online survey from Linkels & Partners was filled out a total of 1043 times. However, the software used to execute the poll flagged a total of 387 survey results as ‘suspicious’. 377 surveys were filled out exactly the same, with all positive answers for a certain political group. All 387 suspicious answers were excluded from further analysis. Results are therefor based on a total of 664 respondents.

Over coming days we will be sharing more results from the poll, which gauged the opinion of respondents on several political and government-related issues.

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