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Poll Suggests: Statians not in agreement with Dutch intervention

State Secretary Raymond Knops seen during a townhall meeting on September 23, 2019 with Government Commissioners Mike Franco and Mervin Steegers at his side. As moderator the current acting Government Commissioner, Alida Francis can be seen.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- A majority of Statians are not in agreement with the Dutch intervention, consisting of the dismantling of the Island Council and the take-over of local government.

Respondents were asked in how far, at the moment of the intervention, they were in support of this intervention. 55.9% of respondents answered not to have been in agreement with the takeover, at the moment it happened.

Two respondents skipped the question, which was answered by a total of 111 respondents. Illustration: Linkels & Partners

What is even more interesting is the fact that few people have changed their initial opinion on the matter, either in a positive, or in a negative sense.

The intervention happened, and the government that came in after weren’t able to execute projects and programs effectivelyRespondent about their change of heart regarding the intervention

About 10.7% of respondents said that at the time they were positive about the take-over, but in hindsight they now disagree with the intervention. On the other hand, 5.4% said they disagreed at the time of the intervention, but now they do agree with it.

The change in the amount of persons who initially agreed to the intervention, but now disagree with it, is bigger than the change in the amount of persons who initially disagreed, but now do agree to the intervention by The Hague. Illustration: Linkels & Partners

Government decided laws no longer applied, there was a lot of racist talk and intimidation of persons in the communityRespondent about the reason they supported the intervention.

Interest of Statia at heart?

An explanation of the scores on the previous question may be sought in the distrust many on the island feel towards the Dutch Cabinet’s intentions.

A majority of respondents (56.5%) disagreed with the statement ‘The Dutch Government (Rutte Cabinet) has the best interest of Statia at heart’. Only 17% of respondents agreed with that statement, with nearly 27% indicating they didn’t agree or disagree with the statement.

A majority of respondents disagreed with the statement that the Dutch Government has the interest of St. Eustatius at heart. Illustration: Linkels & Partners
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