Possibly twenty million dollars extra for infrastructure Bonaire 

Possibly twenty million dollars extra for infrastructure Bonaire 
Kroon says to have had productive meetings during his visit to The Netherlands

KRALENDIJK – According to the Commissioner for Infrastructure, James Kroon, an additional twenty million dollars may be available for the repair of the roads on the island. 

That is what Kroon said on Wednesday, after a visit to the Netherlands. Although Kroon indicated that hard work is already being done on the roads, there are still many critical points and the Public Entity Bonaire also wants to be able to accelerate. 

There are several roads that need urgent attention, such as the one for the Fundashon Mariadal complex. “Following the discussions we have had with various ministries, I can say that possibly an extra twenty million will become available for tackling the infrastructure on the island. 


Kroon not only spoke about the need to repair the roads, but also about the need to build more houses on the island. To discuss the needs in that area, Kroon had a meeting with Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Housing. The challenges on this front will be further discussed during a visit that De Jonge will soon pay to the island.

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