Preparations for construction Galileo Sensor station started on Bonaire

Jean Marc Ruggieri (ESA), Nicolas Lassus-Pigat (ESA), Jim Bos (Ministerie IenW), Gezaghebber Edison Rijna, Luca Benedetto (EUSPA) en Ruediger Weiler (ESA). Photo: Government of Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Preparations for the construction of the Galileo Sensor Station (GSS) on Bonaire have started.

Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna took a look at the location this week and was extensively informed about the project by the team of experts from the European Space Agency ESA and the European space program EUSPA.

Measurements are currently being made to determine the accuracy, availability and failure rates at the location. This is necessary to continue with the construction of the GSS, which will be located opposite ‘1000 Steps’ on the WEB site. Delivery is scheduled for March 2024.

Satellite navigation

Galileo is the civil global satellite navigation system of the European Union and is used, among other things, for time reference and positioning. The location of this station on Bonaire is of great value. The GSS offers various possibilities for our island and, among others, for (starting) entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

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