Preparations for screening cervical cancer Bonaire in full swing

KRALENDIJK- In the second half of November, the cervical cancer screening will start on Bonaire. The screening is for women aged 30 – 60 years.

Preparations for this are in full swing. For example, agreements are made with all those involved, such as general practitioners and laboratories. Professional development is also an important part of preparation.

On October 22, a training course was held for doctor’s assistants, nurses and general practitioners. The training was given by Population Survey of the Netherlands. The same quality requirements apply to the performance of the screening in the Caribbean Netherlands as in the European Netherlands. At the beginning of November, Population Screening of the Netherlands will also go to St. Eustatius and Saba to provide the same training, where cervical cancer screening has already started earlier this year.

Information evening

On Tuesday evening, Population Screening of the Caribbean Netherlands organized an information evening on behalf of RIVM for healthcare professionals about the cervical cancer population screening.

Soon the first women will receive an invitation letter to participate in the study.

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