Preparations in full swing for the second Bario Festival

KRALENDIJK- The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organizes the second Bario Festival together with Plataforma Rincon. The event will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022 in Rincon at the Plenchi Carmen Goeloe on the Cocari site and will start at 5:00 PM. until 10 pm in a fantastic atmosphere with the theme “Our traditions”.

The program will be full of music and there will be various stands selling food and delicacies. The music groups Foyan Boys and Grupo Kariño will be present to brighten up this evening with their music.


To give the Bario Festival an attractive touch, the show section will feature performances by Cultural Dance Group Mangazina di Rei, Grupo Ayó Mundu, Grupo Talento Kultural, Dance Group Zoya ku Nos and DJ Geffy.

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