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Preparations underway for Saba Carnival 2017

Members of the Saba Festival Foundation (SFF) in a meeting with met with safety stakeholders. Photo: Public Entity Saba

The Bottom, Saba- On Monday May 8th, members of the Saba Festival Foundation (SFF) met with safety stakeholders facilitated by the Public Entity Saba, to discuss their safety plan. In attendance were Julio Every (Chief of Fire Department), James Hassell (Fire Department), Koen Hulshof (Public Health), Krijn Pons (Policy Advisor for Social Affairs), Lisette Riley (President of Saba Festival Foundation), Kenrick Lake (Member of Saba Festival Foundation), Fanny de Swarte (Policy advisor for Public Safety), Julijnes Woods and Gerard van Loo (Chief of Police).

The aim of all involved parties is to ensure that Carnival is a fun and safe event. In a safety plan, the organizer of a major event describes the measures that will be taken to ensure the safety of the visitors of the event and the support they wish to get from safety partners such as the fire department or the police department. On the basis of the new local ordinance, which was adopted last year, this is the first year that organizers of Saba carnival, Saba day and Saba triathlon have a safety plan to submit.

The plan stimulates thought of possible threats that may occur, such as fights or fires breaking out, along with the corresponding procedures, processes and people to handle them. The chief of police complimented the Saba Festival Foundation for their professionalism and co-operation.

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