Presentation of Bonaire Masterplan 2030 Postponed once more

A view of one of the interactive sessions organized by the Team Masterplan 2030. Photo: Masterplan 2030

Kralendijk- The team which is currently working on the final version of the Masterplan Bonaire 2030 has decided to postpone the presentation once more.

“The limitations of this time of corona have hindered us more than we could have known when we announced the launch of the Master Plan on November 6”, according to a statement sent out by local Government’s communication department.

According to the statement, the team behind the writing of the Masterplan has established that, as a result of cancelled sessions, several topics were not sufficiently explored. This in turn made it difficult to present an overall picture.


“You have to see it as one big puzzle of many hundreds of pieces. Only when you are almost done do you discover if some pieces are missing. The plan is not yet ripe enough to be formally presented”, according to what is described as the Team Masterplan.

The decision to postpone the presentation was taken after consultation with the Executive Council, consultant Markstra and the Ministry of the Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

“Everyone agrees that quality takes precedence over speed. The Master Plan must be good enough to last ten years, so when we present the final version, we want to be able to support it one hundred percent.”

According to the statement sent to the local press, a new date will be announced when this is deemed feasible.

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