Presentation of book ‘Dushi i Salú ku Berdura’ at SGB

Writer Sharine Loozen is passionate about the cultivation of local vegetables and their use in local cuisine. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The presentation of the recipe book ‘Dushi i salú ku berdura’ (Tasty and Healthy with Vegetables) took place on Friday, November 24th, in the classroom of SGB in Bonaire. Sharine Loozen opened the event, emphasizing the importance of motivating children to learn about planting and the beneficial effects of local plants on health. 

Maurice Adriaens, director of L.V.V, highlighted the significance of plant knowledge and awareness of local vegetables and fruits. Onnie Emerenciana presented his work with youth in primary schools, emphasizing the importance of plant education. 


The event also featured the presentation of recipes and the use of local products, including Calalloo and the utilization of pumpkins and their seeds.

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