Presentation on Bonaire for World Kidney Day 

KRALENDIJK- The theme of World Kidney Day this year is “Healthy kidneys for everyone”. An information meeting about this will be held on Thursday 10 March from 19.00 to 21.00 in the neighborhood center Tera Kora on Kaya Monsignor Nieuwindt. The meeting is in Papiamento. World Kidney Day will also be covered on 10 March on radio and television.

People often do not know what the function of the kidneys is and what causes damage to the kidneys. You don’t notice that the kidneys are not working as well until the kidney function drops below 30%. One in ten adults has kidney damage. This is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Waste products

Our kidneys ensure that waste products from our body are excreted with the urine. If the kidneys no longer work properly, they can no longer function properly and fluid can accumulate in the body. This problem can be detected by examining the blood or urine.

There are various causes for the development of kidney disease. In adults, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are common causes. These disorders are common on Bonaire. If these conditions can be prevented or treated properly, it reduces the risk of kidney damage. Early detection of kidney damage can slow further deterioration.

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