Press conference about beautification Bachelors Beach canceled at the last minute

KRALENDIJK- An invitation to the unveiling of the Bachelors Beach beautification project board was canceled at the last minute late Sunday night.

The kick-off of the project was to take place on Monday morning at 10 am. According to the message from the Communication Department of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), the kick-off will now take place at a later date.

On Sunday, especially on online media, in response to the project board that has now been placed at the popular beach, there were many disapproving reactions. Many residents were surprised by the sign, because it gave the impression that the project, as originally designed, would no longer take place.


Recently, during an interview with, the deputy of Tourism confirmed that the plans, as originally presented, might not go ahead. “We presented that plan too big and focused too much on tourists. As a result, the local population got the idea that they did not belong. And so we went back to the drawing board to revise the project,” said Thielman in conversation with Auke van der Berg.

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