Pressure group presents ‘green paper’ for more autonomy

President of the Nos Ke Boneiru Bèk pressure group, James Finies (center) has presented a so called green paper to Island Governor Edison Rijna about the road to more autonomy as envisioned by NKBB. Photo: NKBB

Kralendijk- This week the Nos Ke Boneiru Bek (NKBB) pressure group has presented their Green Paper: “Pursuing political equality and relisting on the Non-Self-Governing-Territories list of the United Nations”

NKBB says they are grateful to all who have contributed to the document being prepared, especially, Dr. Carlyle G. Corbin, St. Eustatius Constitutional Committee, St. Eustatius coalition and government, Mrs. Davika Bissessar WDTC foundation, and NKBB board members and others for their continued hard work and advice.

According to NKBB, the situation and case of Bonaire are of high urgency as the Dutch Government seems to be in a hurry to have the current status of the island as a ‘public entity’ anchored into the Dutch Constitution. According to NKBB, this has been a unilateral undemocratic process from the Dutch government and against the democratic voice and decision of the Bonerian. NKBB points out that the majority of the population of the island has rejected the current status in the referendum held at the end of 2015.

The Green paper emphasizes the importance of self-determination within the Dutch and international context, highlights the fact that Bonerians have systematically protested and formally rejected the current and examines the, what NKBB describes as ‘unusual circumstances’ surrounding the removal of the Netherlands Antilles from the UN list of Non-Self-Governing territories.

The paper according to NKBB will be a direct communication medium to help raise awareness and garner support of the regional and international community and form a base to start the process of court cases against Holland in the international and human rights courts and to fulfill the aspirations of the Bonerian peoples to be re-listed as Non-Self-Governing-Territories. Also the NKBB would like to see that the island falls under the guidance and protection of the United Nations Decolonization Special Committee to assure a just and fair process of self-determination and realize sustainable development and political equality for the Bonerian peoples.

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