Price comparison reveals: Caribe Nobo is the most affordable supermarket Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – A price comparison study conducted by Tienda di Konsumidó indicates that Caribe Nobo consistently offers the most affordable options for shoppers on the island. 

In the first week of September, the Tiendo di Konsumidó team visited 17 businesses, including the largest supermarkets in Bonaire, which cooperated in providing price information. The comparison involved 139 different products from the consumer organizations basic shopping list. Caribe Nobo emerged as the most cost-effective option.

The consumer organization emphasizes that Caribe Nobo consistently delivers competitive prices. “Over the past 7 months, Caribe Nobo has consistently maintained a spot in the top 3 supermarkets offering the most budget-friendly price deals for the items compared. Following Caribe Nobo, Voordeelmarkt Warehouse and Wing Cheung on Kaya Korona performed well.”

Best stocked

In addition to prices, Tienda pa Konsumidó also examined which supermarket had the most products from the list on their shelves. Famoso Supermarket scored the highest in this category, followed by Foody Mark and Kadushi.

Unkobon notes that the price comparisons did not take into account the quality, hygiene, or country of origin of the products. This last point is the reason why certain supermarkets on the island declined to participate in the study, as they believe it unfairly portrays them in a negative light.

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