Prohibition for sailing boats to anchor in front of Grand Case airport

View of the Grand Case landing strip. Foto: ABC Online Media

GRAND CASE, ST. MARTIN- The Grand-Case Airport runway faces the sea on its western side. Numerous aircrafts fly over this area during their descent and approach, in preparation for their landing, day and night.

At night in particular, an aircraft carrying out a medical evacuation must be able to land safely. Therefore, a safety zone is delimited on the seaward side to avoid any accident between an aircraft and a ship’s mast.

The Government of St. Martin has communicated that it strictly forbid for any sailing boat to be at anchor in this perimeter, which is defined as a safety and precautionary zone. It is delimited by yellow markers.


Government also warns that offenders will be fined and removed. They will also be liable to have their sailing license suspended.

The Gendarmerie Nationale’s Nautical Brigade remains vigilant and continues its mobilization for the respect of the law and the safety of all.

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