Prosecutor’s Office: No Investigation into Ground Deal Flamingo Airport/Daboussi

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has officially confirmed that there is no further investigation when it comes to the ground deal between Bonaire International Airport and Daboussi Real Estate. Photo: ABC Online Media.

Kralendijk- In spite of a frenzy of media publications this and last week about possible wrongdoing in the ground deal between Flamingo Airport and the company of local entrepreneur Daboussi, the Public Proscutor’s Office has communicated that there is no investigation going on.

“The Anti-Undermining Team (TBO) has investigated whether criminal offenses were committed in the transfer of a piece of leasehold property at Bonaire International Airport. Several people were heard during this investigation. The investigation did not provide any evidence of punishable acts. The investigation has now been closed”, according to a press release by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Some media houses had indicated that the price paid by Daboussi Real Estate was so low, that it could be considered suspicious. The Prosecutor’s office last week heard, among others, commissioner James Kroon about the details of the transaction.

Kroon stated that the deal was negotiated between the Management of the airport and was not something the Executive Council was closely involved with. “And that is how it is supposed to be, because the Airport is a separate entity and not directly run by Government”, according to Kroon.

Daboussi from his side stated that the building of a service office adjacent to the airport was not only favorable to his own business, such as his Avis car rental franchise, but could also be used by others wishing to have offices close to the airport.

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