Governance & Integrity

Prosecutor’s Office Starts Investigation at Oil Trading Bonaire

According to a press statement by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, an official investigation has now started.

Kralendijk- The National Police Investigations Department (Rijksrecherche) has started a formal investigation into possible wrong-doing at Oil Trading Bonaire (OTB).

The investigation has started after a formal complaint was filed by Island Governor Edison Rijna for potential embezzlement of funds at the government-owned company.

Government in the meantime has decided to suspend the financial director suspected of wrong-doing, while they also decided not to renew the contract of current interime-director Lauffer.

Yesterday the Executive Council took the decision to appoint Jos Hillen, current interim director at Flamingo Airport, to also serve as interim-director at OTB for a period up to 6 months. The Executive Council has requested support from the Dutch Cabinet to provide a consultant to help reorganize OTB and ensure that the Company achieves its goals, namely the provision of fuel to the island.

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