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Prosecutor’s Office Worried about Promotion of Guns on Social Media

Many saw the clip sent around on social media of 4 boys playing with guns. The Prosecutor’s Office asks help of the public in identifying the boys in the clip.

Willemstad- According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, last weekend a video clip appeared on social media again, promoting guns.

In the video, four boys wave a gun with firearms. This video has provoked much indignation in the community. According to the Prosecutor’s office, firearms do not belong in our society and therefore weapons are actively traced. The Prosecutor’s office is of the opinion that there are already too many victims of violence. They also point out that the possession of a firearm for which no authorization has been granted is prohibited and punishable.

The possession of a firearm is punishable by a prison sentence of no less than 18 months. As a rule, an unconditional prison sentence is generally imposed by the judge for possession of firearms. Two of the boys who appeared in the video are currently in prison, precisely because of illegal possession of firearms. They will have to account for this at the court hearing. The search is currently still going on as to the other suspects, who have not yet been identified.

The Prosecutor’s office is calling on the public to provide the Police with information about the boys who have not been detained as of yet. “If you have information about these guys, please contact the Police at 917 or the anonymous number 108”, according to the press statement

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