Protocol Team of the Public Entity Bonaire Provides Training to Drivers

The participating drivers received valuable information. Photo: OLB

KRALENDIJK –  The protocol team of the public entity Bonaire has been reinforced with more well-trained drivers. Recently, a number of civil servants received driving lessons in accordance with the protocol rules for dignitaries visiting Bonaire. 

During such visits, drivers (civil servants) accompanied by a protocol officer are utilized. In order to perform this task according to international protocol rules, the drivers underwent a short course. Throughout the course, topics included how the driver should behave in the company of visitors and what appropriate attire is. Nataly Davelaar, protocol officer of the Communication Department, was responsible for organizing and conducting the course. 


Additionally, the drivers also received information on proper behavior in traffic, the documents they must carry, and what is or isn’t allowed on public roads. This part was provided by Suandy ‘Andy’ Clarenda, head of the Traffic Department of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN).

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