Provisionary repairs make Bonaire roads look like patchwork blanket

The lagging amount in Free Allowance hampers the execution of tasks on a local government level, most notably maintenance and infrastructure, according to Cft. Photo I Harald Linkels

Provisionary repairs to roads in Bonaire creates a patchwork look. Seen here is one of the more important roads in Bonaire, the Kaya Governeur Debrot, leading to many resorts on the island as well as the upscale Republiek Area. Foto: The BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- According to a recent press release by the government communication service, the Government of Bonaire has started with urgent repairs to the roads. In practice this means that the worst potholes are being filled.

As this practice has been ongoing for years and years, many roads on the island have turned into something like a patchwork surface, where the color of the asphalt used to fill the worst holes is indicative of how long ago these repairs took place.

Of course it can be understood that such repairs do little to really address the state of the roads on the island. It can also be noted that sometimes one hole is filled, while another hole a mere centimeters away stays unfilled.

Studies executed by the various governments have indicated that an amount of at leasts 70 million dollars would be needed to address the state of the roads on the island in a more structural way. The government coalition formed at the time by MPB with the independent fractions Bernabela and Raphaela has made a cautious start by putting a new surface on the Kaya L.D. Gerharts and the Kaya Simon Bolivar. The government however does not have the funds to do all the road work necessary.

The question of who is ultimately responsible for the needed investments in the roads on the island has been the subject of a long standing dispute between The Netherlands and Bonaire. Former politician Jopie Abraham, who signed with Holland for the new status of the island, always maintained that the agreement included a firm commitment from the Kingdom Government to invest in the upgrading of the road network and other infrastructural works.

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