Public Administration Council: ‘Change Needed in Financial relations with Caribbean Netherlands’

It is not the first time that a stronger coordinating role for the Ministry of BZK is advised. Photo: Rijksoverheid.

THE HAGUE – The revision of the administrative and financial relations with the Caribbean Netherlands requires more than just a few technical adjustments. The proposed changes in the current financing of the Caribbean island tasks and resources fit into a pattern of offering solutions within a system that has fundamental shortcomings.

This is stated by the Council for Public Administration (ROB) in a Letter Advice ‘Study on island tasks and resources Caribbean Netherlands’ following the research conducted by IdeeVersa agency commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Among other things, the ROB advises that the islands’ own responsibility should be promoted, more consideration should be given to the special position of the three islands, the financing should be different, and efforts should be made towards a more consistent administrative and financial alignment.

Not for the first time, the advice also advocates for a more coordinating role for the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs. In practice, this role appears to be difficult, resulting in the islands constantly dealing with a multitude of ministries as counterparts.


The report seems to be a boost in a certain sense for the governance of the three islands, which at various points indicate their disagreement with the current setup. Since 10/10/10, there has been much criticism of the level of the free allowance, which is said to be too low. Although various projects are realized through special project financing, there is subsequently no money available to carry out the necessary maintenance.

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