Public Health Analysis of US tourists tested positive

Foto by Pixabay

The investigation by the Public Health Department, under the direction of the EBT, has been started and is still ongoing. The travelers from the US have had no complaints or symptoms during their short stay on Bonaire. The investigation so far shows that they acquired the virus before arriving on Bonaire and that they were here during the incubation period. This means that, according to today’s science, the chance of the virus being transmitted is very small.

After returning to the US, mild symptoms developed that indicated Corona. After they were tested, the test turned out to be positive.

From the moment that this message was made known to the Public Health Department, the protocols have come into effect and contact has been sought with the travelers. In addition, an inventory is made with whom they have been in contact with. The Public Health Service is investigating the situation and will take the necessary steps based on the protocols.

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