Public Health Bonaire organizes Self-Test Drive-thru

Employees of the Health Care department pose together at the occasion of the Self-Test Drive-Thru event

KRALENDIJK- The Public Health Department on Bonaire on Tuesday organized a drive-thru on Wednesday to hand out self-test to groups that will participate in the celebration of the Dia di Rincon.

“This year we can finally celebrate Dia di Rincon again. It is important that people are aware of the need to protect themselves and others, especially at large gatherings such as the Dia di Rincon,” she said, deputy Nina den Heyer.

The government also wants to make people aware that COVID-19 is not just gone, although we will have to live with the virus. In that context, the campaign ‘Biba kuné’ (live with it) has been launched. With the campaign, the government wants to make people aware of the fact that people can also test themselves, for example before visiting vulnerable people.


Various groups on the island have been approached to collect self-tests that can be used at the Dia di Rincon. The tests are free.

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