Public Library Bonaire issues computer certificates to course attendents

Happy faces during the handing out of the certificates. Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK- The pilot project ‘Click & type: The Basis’, which started at the beginning of October under guidance of the Bonaire Public Library, was festively concluded last week with the handing out of certifcates to the participants.

By means of the project, a group of fifteen students became acquainted with the computer during the project. The participants were customers of Zorg en Welzijn Groep Bonaire.

The computer course was provided by MBO ICT students and was organized in collaboration with the ICT department and the Digitization working group of the Public Entity.

The Government of Bonaire has been digitizing its activities since last year. This can be difficult for less digitally skilled residents of Bonaire. Digitization influences the daily functioning of everyone and the developments are going very fast. Government recognizes that continuously providing information and training to the community is of great importants. A second basic course will start later this year.


Residents who don’t have a computer at home, but want to get acquainted with computer use can already register for the next course by contacting the Library by phone at 715-5344.

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