Pupils Liseo organize aquatics day

Photo: Flavio Maestroni

Kralendijk – Last Wednesday, December 19, students from the superstructure of the Liseo Boneriano organized a sports day. The sports day was aimed at pupils in classes 4 and 5 of MAVO, HAVO and VWO.

Photo: Flavio Maestroni

At school, in addition to normal classes, pupils also receive projects to stimulate pupils and develop further. There is a part ‘sport’ where the students have to organize a aquatics day.

Photo: Flavio Maestroni

The students who have done the organization, led by teacher Monique, are: Saffras / Rosa / Elisa / Mary-Jane / Dinendra / Alexis / Senna / Alyssa / Marit. They had offered different activities to about 80 students. This has been achieved with the help of companies that have sponsored.

Photo: Flavio Meastroni

It involved the following sports and companies:  

  • Supping & Windsurfing – Bonaire Windsurf Place
  • Kiteboarding – Kiteboarding Bonaire  
  • Kayaking – Clear bottom Kayaking  
  • Kiteboarding – Chocogo  
  • Snorkeling – Woodwind
  • Water biking – Aquatic Adventures Bonaire
  • Diving – WannaDive  
  • Water polo – Barracudas
Photo: Flavio Maestroni

The pupils get about 10 weeks within school time to prepare their project. There are sports next to the project  

  • Music
  • Bonairian Art
  • Sustainability Project
  • Language & Grammar
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