QR code will be mandatory in Bonaire for events

QR code will be mandatory in Bonaire for events and travel

KRALENDIJK- Contrary to previous statements by Island Governor Edison Rijna, Bonaire is also preparing the introduction of a mandatory QR  for assistance of major events on the island.

Rijna announced the introduction of QR code during the press conference last week. The system to be used is similar to the one used in The Netherlands and neighboring island Curaçao. 

A press conference by Curaçao Prime Minister Gilmar (Pik) Pisas on Friday makes clear that the QR will also be mandatory for inter-island travel. “The coming two months are seen as a transitory period, where both QR code and the hard copy proof of vaccination will still be accepted””, said Pisas. 

Local Government in Bonaire has, so far, not mentioned the QR code as an factor in inter-island travel, but it is a logical next step. 

Contact center

The QR code on Bonaire can be obtained through the contact center. It is possible to request the code from Monday to Friday during office hours, by calling the contact center. Residents should have their proof of vaccination, passport and ID card at hand to request the code. A few days after the call, the QR code can be picked up at the sports complex on Kaya Amsterdam. The hard copy QR code comes with instructions on how to upload this on your mobile phone. 

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