Queen Wilhelmina Library on Saba celebrates 100th Birthday

Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM – The Queen Wilhelmina Library in the Bottom celebrated its centennial on November 23, 2023, marking a significant milestone in Saba’s history. 

The event brought together a diverse community, spanning generations, reflecting on the library’s enduring role as a beacon of knowledge and cultural exchange. 

Commissioner of Education Eviton Heyliger recognized the library’s crucial contribution to education and unity, emphasizing its impact on the social fabric of the Saban community. Former head librarian Joanna (Nanny) Simmons shared historical stories, highlighting the library’s evolution. 

Current Head Librarian Tiffany Zagers outlined the library’s commitment to innovation, expanding offerings, and staying relevant in the digital age. She envisioned the library as a dynamic hub for learning and community engagement, setting the stage for its next chapter. 


With a rich history and a promising future, The Queen Wilhelmina Library remains a vital foundation in Saba, fostering education and the exchange of ideas for generations to come. 

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