Questions about illegal construction of building block factory in area reserved for agriculture

KRALENDIJK- On Monday evening, the faction of the Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano (PDB) asked questions about the construction of a block factory in an area that has been designated as an agricultural area according to the spatial development plan.

According to PDB faction leader Clark Abraham, the company concerned, the Caribbean Klinkers en Bokkenfabriek BV, has published photos of construction work on its own Facebook pages, in which a complete factory is being rigged.

The problem is that the company in question does not have any permit. In addition, it would appear, from documents from the Public Entity Bonaire, that an application for a permit has not even been submitted, apart from the fact that the construction of a factory on site is not in accordance with the zoning plan.


Abraham wanted answers from Island Governor Edison Rijna why there is no enforcement action against the illegal construction of a factory; in an area that is not intended for that purpose.

Rijna replied that a so-called ‘stop letter’ had meanwhile been issued, in which the company in question had been instructed to stop the construction work. This prompted Abraham to ask Rijna whether they would now be urged to demolish the illegal factory under construction.

Island Governor Rijna replied that although the factory in question did not yet have a permit, that did not mean that she would not receive one in the near future. “Then anyone can start building illegally, if you know that there is no sanction and you can still get a permit in the future, because you have already built,” said Abraham.


Island Governor Rijna reacted rather grumpily after Abraham’s persistent questions. “I’m not about permits so I ask you to put your questions to the commissioner who deals with permits and not to me,” said Rijna, who felt that this was the end of the matter as far as he was concerned. Abraham clearly did not agree with this, but could not elaborate further on the subject because the time allotted to him within the so-called question time had already passed.

There has been a lot of criticism lately about the lack of enforcement on the island, while it seems that especially entrepreneurs can do their own thing, because they will eventually receive a permit, even if they do not have it in advance or in time. requested. Enforcement is a task that falls directly under Island Governor Rijna.

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